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STOL CH 701 Photo Assembly Guides

DocumentsSTOL CH 701 Photo Assembly GuidesRevisionLast Update
updates-rev-1Summary of Updates to the STOL CH 701 Photo Assembly Guides (4 pages)Rev. 110/31/03
701-contstruct-manualSTOL CH 701 Basic Construction Manual 18 pages – 4th edition4th ed.12/2003
CSConstruction Standards for Zenair Light AirplanesDraft3/11
Title PageSTOL CH 701 Photo Assembly Guides Title Page11/15/04

TAIL – Section R & H

DocumentsTAIL – Sections R & HRevisionLast Update
introductionIntroduction to building – 18 pages10/0211/6/02
Click here information on the Metalworking101 DVD from which covers the step-by-step assembly of the STOL CH 701 rudder.
rudder-1Rudder (vertical tail) Assembly: Section 1 of 3: Rudder SkeletonRev. 1.7
rudder-2Rudder (vertical tail) Assembly: Section 2 of 3: Rudder SkinsRev. 1.902/01/10
rudder-3Rudder (vertical tail) Assembly: Section 3 of 3: Optional Tail LightRev. 1.18/18/04

Horizontal Tail – Section H

DocumentsHorizontal Tail – Section HRevisionLast Update
Click here for information on “Building your Zenith CH701 Horizontal Tail” DVD from which covers the step-by-step assembly of the STOL CH 701 horizontal tail sections.
tail-1Horizontal Tail Assembly: 1 of 5: Stabilizer SkeletonRev. 1.212/10
tail-2Horizontal Tail Assembly: 2 of 5Rev. 1.21/31/03
tail-3Horizontal Tail Assembly: 3 of 5Rev. 1.45/13/04
tail-4Horizontal Tail Assembly: 4 of 5Rev. 1.29/09
tail-5Horizontal Tail Assembly: 5 of 5Rev. 1.22/03

Wings – Section V

DocumentsWings – Section VRevisionLast Update
wing-1aWing Assembly – Internal StructureRev. 22/3/06
wing-1bWing Assembly – Internal StructureRev. 2.12/23/06
wing-2aWing Assembly – Wing Rear ChannelRev. 2.015/24/07
wing-2bWing Assembly – Wing Rear ChannelRev. 22/3/06
wing-3aWing Top Rear SkinsRev. 212/12/05
wing-3bWing Lower Rear SkinRev. 22/3/06
wing-4aWing Nose SkinRev. 22/3/06
wing-4bWing Nose SkinRev. 2.017/17/07
wing-4cWing Nose SkinRev. 22/3/06
wing-5aFuel Sender UnitRev. 1.22/23/06
wing-5bWing Assembly – Installation of the Fuel TanksRev. 1.211/27/04
wing-6aWing Assembly – Wing TipRev. 22/3/06
wing-6bWing Assembly – Wing TipRev. 22/3/06
wing-6cWing Tip Nav / Strobe LightsRev. 22/1/06
wing-7aWing Assembly – Wing RootRev. 22/3/06
wing-7bWing Assembly – Wing RootRev. 22/3/06


DocumentsWING LEADING EDGE SLATS – Sections A & SRevisionLast Update
flaperons-1Flaperons Assembly (1 of 2)Rev. 2.11/17/07
flaperons-2Flaperons Assembly (2 of 2)Rev. 1.012/01
slats-1Leading Edge Slats Assembly (1 of 2)Rev. 1.19/8/04
slats-2Leading Edge Slats Assembly (2 of 2)Rev. 1.01/2/02

FUSELAGE – Section F

DocumentsFUSELAGE – Section FRevisionLast Update
F5-3ZTop Channel “Zee” ReinforcementDated 10/200110/15/01

Rear Fuselage

DocumentsRear FuselageRevisionLast Update
fuse-1Assembling the bottom skinRev. 1.24/03
fuse-2Building Up the Fuselage From the Bottom SkinRev. 1.310/03
fuse-3Assembling the Side Skins & Joining the Fuselage SkinsRev. 1.24/03
fuse-4Squaring the Fuselage & Installing Extended Baggage CompartmentRev. 1.412/03
fuse-5Installing the Forward BaggageRev. 1.24/03

Forward Fuselage

DocumentsForward FuselageRevisionLast Update
fuse-6Assembling the FirewallRev. 1.21/27/04
fuse-7Installing the Nose GearRev. 1.4
fuse-8Forward Fuselage Floor SkinsRev. 1.310/03
fuse-9Forward Fuselage Cabin SidesRev. 1.210/03

Cabin Area Fuselage

DocumentsCabin Area FuselageRevisionLast Update
fuse-10Fuselage / Cabin FrameRev. 1.3111/09
fuse-11Front Side Skin InstallationRev. 1.1a04/07
fuse-12Seat 7F16-1Rev. 1.05/03

Gears Wheel and Controls

DocumentsGear and Wheels (Section L) & CONTROLS (Section C)RevisionLast Update
Gear – 1Landing Gear / Wheels 7-L-2Rev. 39/15/16
Nosewheel Bungee Installation Tool allows you to install or replace nose gear bungee easily in minutes.
Controls – 2Controls Assembly – Torque TubeRev. 1.03/27/03
Controls – 3Controls Assembly – FlaperonRev. 1.03/27/03
Controls – 4Controls Assembly – Rudder CablesRev. 1.15/24/11
DeflectionsControl DeflectionsRev. 1.12/2003

Final Assembly

DocumentsFinal AssemblyRevisionLast Update
install-rudFinal Assembly – Rudder to Fuselage1.24/03
doors- fibrBubble Doors – Fiberglass Frame1.010/07
doorsFinal Assembly – Cabin Doors (standard)2.08/02
bubble-doors-listBubble Doors Parts List1.010/3/2003
bubble-doors1Bubble Doors Option – 1 of 21.010/03
bubble-doors2Bubble Doors Option – 2 of 21.010/03
install-windshFinal Assembly – Windshield1.01/30/03

Rotax 912S Engine Installation

DocumentsRotax 912S Engine InstallationRevisionLast Update
r912s-ring-1aEngine Mount/ Oil Reservoir/ ThrottleRev. 1.001/07
r912s-ring-1bThrottle Bellcrank/ Cable StopRev. 1.001/07
r912s-ring-1cThrottle Rods and Choke CableRev. 1.001/07
r912s-ring-2Rear Ring MountRev. 1.15/22/07
r912s-ring-3Water Pump/ Ring Mount/ RadiatorRev. 1.001/07
r912s-ring-4Engine Installation/Oil Cooler and Oil LinesRev. 2.09/17/12
r912s-ring-5Radiator Hose/ Prop and Spinner InstallationRev. 1.001/07
r912s-ring-6CowlRev. 1.001/07
r912s-ring-7MufflerRev. 1.001/07

Rotax 912S Firewall Forward Install

DocumentsRotax 912S Firewall Forward InstallRevisionLast Update
Rotax 912 Installation Tips & Techniques instructional DVD from
r912s-1Engine Mount – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.15/03
r912s-2Radiator / Oil Cooler – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.15/03
r912s-3Radiator Hose – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.05/03
r912s-4Oil Reservoir / Oil Lines – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.05/03
r912s-5Throttle Bellcrank – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.05/03
r912s-6Throttle Rods and Choke Cables – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.01/28/03
r912s-7Air Filter and Muffler – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.05/03
r912s-8Cowling – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.06/02
r912s-9Final Installation / Battery – Old Style Bed-MountRev. 1.06/03

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