Specs and Performance
Specs and Performance
Specs and Performance
Specs and Performance
Specs and Performance
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Performance - Zenith STOL CH 750 Super Duty

Like its predecessors, the STOL CH750 SD offers extraordinary STOL performance. The factory demonstrator aircraft can take off in only 115 feet with 205 horsepower. It climbs at 1,350 feet per minute, and cruise speed is respectable at 105 mph in stock configuration (with bush tires). The landing roll is just 150 feet. The 34 mile per hour stall speed means the airplane excels at slow flight, with excellent maneuverability right down to the gentle, mushing stall.

The Zenith Aircraft prototype STOL CH 750 SD is powered by a 205 hp IO-375 engine from Aero Sport Power. Like all Chris Heintz designs, the Super Duty is not designed around any particular engine, which gives you the freedom to choose the engine that best fits your performance needs and budget restrictions. The suitable range is 150-230 horsepower.

Performance IO-375 (205hp)
Take-off Roll115ft115ft
Landing Roll150ft150ft
Cruise (75% Sea Level)105mph105mph
Stall Speed34mph34mph
Rate of Climb1350fpm1350fpm
Range(standard miles)400 miles400 miles
Endurance3.8 hours3.8 hours

Like the other Zenith CH 750 models, the new Super Duty offers a huge cabin, side-by-side seating, easy cabin access though two big swing-up bubble doors, adjustable seats, a raised skylight, and lots of head room. Over the nose visibility on the ground is excellent because of the tricycle gear, and the direct-linkage steerable nosewheel makes ground handling easy.

The Specifications of the Zenith STOL CH 750 Super Duty Prototype​

The CH 750 Super Duty features the fixed leading-edge wing slats and full-length flaperons which are common to all Zenith STOL designs. Both these features contribute to the slow flight handling that makes these airplanes so good at STOL operations; the slats increase lift at high angles of attack and the flaperons give more flap surface than simple flaps alone. The Super Duty wingspan is 33 feet 5 inches long, which is 3 feet 7 inches longer than the original STOL CH 750‘s wingspan. This increases the wing area to 162 square feet, adding load carrying capacity while keeping best-of-class short takeoff and landing capability. The Super Duty takes off in only 15 more feet than the original STOL CH 750, but can carry 135 pounds more! The 1900 pound gross weight gives a useful load of 800 pounds. Zenair floats are available for the Super Duty, and give an even higher 2,200 pound gross weight. When increasing the gross weight to 2,200 lbs, performances will change and the “G” loads will decrease.

The Super Duty cabin is 42 inches wide, and the standard bubble doors add another 8 inches, for a spacious total of 50 inches (over four feet). The front seats are adjustable, so no matter your size you can always reach the rudder pedals. The STOL CH 750 has always had a large rear cabin area, but on the Super Duty model there is room for an extra person back there. With the rear jump seat you can take another person along for the ride, or carry up to an additional 200 pounds of baggage.

Specifications (prototype aircraft)Zenith CH750 Super Duty
Wing Span33ft 5in
Wing Area162 sq.ft.
Length22ft 0in
Horizontal Tail Span10ft 1in
Rudder Tip Height9ft 0in
Empty Weight1100lbs
Design Gross Weight1900lbs
Useful Load800lbs
Wing Loading11.73lbs/ft
Power Loading9.27lbs/bhp
Never Exceed Speed (VNE)140mph
Limit Load Factor (G)+6.0/-3.0 g
Fuel Capacity48 Gal. (24 Gal./wing)
Cabin Width42in
Cabin Width (bubble doors)50in
Suitable Power150-230hp, 350 lbs max