Zenith STOL CH750 “Super Duty”
Zenith STOL CH750 “Super Duty”
Zenith STOL CH750 “Super Duty”
Zenith STOL CH750 “Super Duty”
Zenith STOL CH750 “Super Duty”
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STOL CH750 Super Duty Price Info

You’ve dreamed of owning and building your own aircraft:
Now the STOL CH 750 Super Duty is the answer to your dreams. The all-metal STOL CH 750 Super Duty offers you outstanding short take off and landing (STOL) capabilities, great performance, versatility, and comfort. Best of all, it is an affordable kit aircraft which you can build yourself, using only simple skills and tools.

Zenith Aircraft Company is a leader in the kit aircraft manufacturing industry, with more than twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing quality aircraft kits for the first-time builder and demanding sport pilot. We use our cumulative experience to provide builders with award-winning kits as well as fast, responsive direct factory service and support.

Building your own aircraft is going to be one of the most challenging projects you ever undertake, but the reward when you accomplish your goal will be more than worth it. Imagine the thrill of flying in an aircraft you’ve built with your own hands. Few people ever get to experience the freedom of flying at all. Even fewer ever experience the sensation of flying an airplane they’ve built themselves. When you take that first flight, you will realize that all your building effort pales in comparison to the sheer joy you feel on taking to the skies in an airplane that is truly your own.

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Zenith Aircraft Company has made it easy for you to get in the pilot’s seat of your own STOL aircraft. Start building from:
Introductory Starter Kit
Engine Options

Download and Print: PDF documents require the free  Acrobat Reader to view:
STOL CH 750 SD Brochure – 3-view, specs and performance
STOL CH 750SD Quick Order Form

Aircraft Accessories
Fiberglass Parts

Zenith Aircraft Co. offers a number of complete instrument panels

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Start building the STOL CH 750 for just $425 with the introductory Starter Kit. Click here for details