Shipping the Kit by Common Carrier from Zenith Aircraft Company

Most standard kits are crated and shipped by surface freight to our customers.  Crating and shipping charges are not included in the kit prices.  All kit prices are F.O.B. Factory. Unless otherwise specifically arranged with Zenith Aircraft Company, all shipments are sent freight collect

Loading the kit crates into Roadway truck

When a crated kit order is sent to you, be prepared to take delivery of the kit. Complete kit orders are usually shipped in a single large crate.  The crate is big and heavy: 12′ x 4′ x 3′ or more, and it can easily weigh more than 800 lbs.  Make arrangements to be able to unload the crate off the truck and have covered space to place the crate until you unpack it.

Picking up the crate from the shipping terminal (Australia).

Many customers take delivery of the crate at the local shipping terminal, and then make their own arrangements to have the crate delivered to their home (renting or borrowing a flatbed trailer, using a local mover, etc.)

Complete kits can also be custom delivered right to your door. Click here for details.

For many customers, picking up the kit at the factory is an attractive alternative. 

International Customers: We have extensive experience shipping kits around the world.  We can help make arrangements to have the kit delivered to your door (where available) or we can work with your broker or shipper of choice.