Since his earliest designs, Chris Heintz has used composite materials on his aluminum aircraft wherever compound curves (parts with double-curvature) are found. For this reason, engine cowls, wing tips, wheel-fairings, etc. are traditionally made of fiberglass on most Zenith Aircraft designs. Today, we also regularly use vacuum-formed plastics.

Because Zenith Aircraft typically offers a variety of engine choices for its many aircraft designs, we carry a number of different engine-cowlings for most models. In some cases (i.e. the CH 650 & CH 750) two models will have the same-size (& shape) firewall; those models may then share the same engine-cowling possibilities.

Below is a listing of all currently available fiberglass and plastic components for all Zenith Aircraft kit-plane models.

1) All fiberglass parts listed below are made using a Polyester Resin.
2) We do not stock all items (some are made on demand); delivery times may vary. Contact Zenith Aircraft for details.
3) To order any item(s) shown below, please complete and return a standard Order Form.

Note: Where items,  Part Numbers (P/N) and/or prices are missing, please Contact Zenith Aircraft for the information.


Two notes about our engine cowlings:
1) Most prices below are for just the cowlings. They do not include an oil door, hinge, fasteners or hardware of any kind. To receive all this, please request the “Cowl Assembly Kit” (P/N ECAK) as well as the cowl set when you order.

2) Engine cowlings are generally light but large and relatively fragile and must be adequately protected for transport. Unless picked-up at the factory, they will need to be crated for shipping. Crating (full plywood box) is $225.00 per cowl; shipping costs are in addition.

P/N 650/750-912S-Cowl – Top & Bottom

NEW! CH 601/650 series engine cowl
for the Rotax 912 (80 & 100 HP).
 “Cowl Assembly Kit” (ECAK) not included.

Also compatible for the STOL CH 750


Note: This new cowl design for the Rotax UL & ULS now comes with two integrated NACA scoops in the top cowl. Ideal for hot weather operations!

P/N 65/75-912iS-Cowl (just the cowl)
Basic Engine Cowl & “Cowl Assembly Kit” (ref. ECAK) for the CH 650/750 series 
​for the Rotax 912iS and 914

“Skytek” Cowl Assembly requires an additional scoop and duct – available separately (see below) or as a Package (SFG912iSCCK)
Price of full Package includes:   Top & bottom cowls, Cowl Assembly Kit,  Air intake filter scoop (P/N 6-UL-25-6F) and Radiator intake duct (P/N 912iS RID).

(Cowl & Kit)
​(w. duct & scoop)

Note: The 912iS cowl does not come with NACA scoops installed into the top cowling. These (3″ ducts) can be purchased separately (from Aircraft Spruce and others) and can be added by the installer. They are recommended for warm climates & can be seen in pictures and videos of the prototype installation by Skytek.

CH 650/750 series engine cowl
for the Continental O-200 (100 HP)

Upper Cowl P/N 75-N-4-1
Lower Cowl P/N 75-N-4-2

Note: Standard cowl includes one integrated “sparkplug fairing” for use with “short” automotive plugs. Additional sparkplug fairings (O-200-SPF) are available separately (see below) if planning to use “long” plugs…


P/N O-235-Cowl

Engine Cowl for Type-Certified CH 2000
for the Lycoming 0-235 (115 HP)

Can be adapted to Experimental CH 650/750 (will require fiberglass work)
Call for pricing & conditions

e-mail for pricing ​& availability

P/N 701-912S-Cowl
CH 701 Engine Cowl – for use with Horizontal radiator:
for the Rotax 912 (80 & 100 HP)
(Contact ZAC for similar cowl for use with Vertical radiator)


P/N 801-O360-Cowl
CH 801 series engine cowl:
for the Lycoming 0-360 (180 HP)

Also compatible for the Zodiac CH 640 and CH 750-SD


Super-Duty STOL CH 750-SD

for the Lycoming IO-360 (180 HP),
the Continental “Titan” IOX-370 (195 HP)
and the AeroSport Power IO-375 (205 HP)*

Also compatible for the Zodiac CH 640 (with IO series)


*Adjustments to air-intake components provided in FWF package may be necessary when using this cowl with the IO-375.

No Photo Available

P/N: O-200-SPF
Fiberglass spark-plug fairing
for O-200 Cowl (100 HP)
or other…

“Bubble” dimensions: approx. 8″ long; 4″ wide, plus 1″ flange all around


P/N  6-UL-25-6 (does not include filter or brackets)

“Simple” (old style) FNS” Fiberglass NACA duct

Installs onto engine-cowl for air intake filter when Air Box
and/or Carb. Heat is needed. Duct to be fiber-glassed to cowl…

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P/N  6-UL-25-6F          (does not include filter or brackets)

New-style “FNS” Fiberglass NACA Duct (w. flanges)

Installs onto engine-cowl for air intake filter when Air Box
and/or Carb. Heat is needed. Can be riveted by using flanges…


P/N 912iS RID                    

New-style Radiator intake Scoop (w. flanges)
Specially designed for use on the bottom cowl of installations with the Rotax 912iS and Rotax 914 engines.

Included with Cowl; but can be purchased separately.
Can be riveted in place by using flanges; can also be “glassed” in…



Oil Cooler Air Intake Duct
Used in some Rotax engine installations in the Zodiac and STOL series. 

Ref: 701 R912S RING MOUNT – Section 4


WING TIPS: (all tips include allowance for NAV/Strobe lights)

Always indicate “Left” or “Right” when ordering.

Indicate “Left” or “Right” when ordering (as seen from pilot seat)
Indicate “Left” or “Right” when ordering (as seen from pilot seat)
Indicate “Left” or “Right” when ordering (as seen from pilot seat)
No Photo Available

Indicate “Left” or “Right” when ordering

Indicate “Left” or “Right” when ordering (as seen from pilot seat)
Indicate “Left” or “Right” when ordering (as seen from pilot seat)





“Classic” Wheel Fairings for older CH 601 Series

Fits 500×5 tires

“Sleek” Wheel Fairings for the CH 601 XL, CH 650 & CH 750 Cruzer
 Fits 500 x 5 tires

P/N 650-WF(M)           Main Wheel Fairing (one-piece)                         US$395.00 each/21
P/N 650-WF(N)            Nose Wheel Fairing (two-piece)                        US$460.00 each/21                   

P/N 650-WFO               Wheel Fairing Option (Kit)                               US $1,100.00 each/21
(also fits C750 Cruzer)          (Includes 3 fairings, mounting brackets & hardware)

Wheel Fairings for 600 x 6 tires

“Off-set” Fairings for CH 200/250/300



P/N 640-E-11-6


Fiberglass Battery Box with lid. Fits G35 battery                           US250.00/21

Fuel Sender Covers (ABS) - All models

Optional Cover for Top-Mounted Fuel Senders

Fuel sender electrodes or wires too close to your top wing skin?
Cut a hole in the skin above the sender and use these handy,
simple-to-install, round covers for a nice finish…

All Prices in US Dollars and subject to change without notice. Standard Conditions of Sale apply; complete and return order form by e-mail or by fax.