Builders Page for the Zenith CH650

Following are the latest CH650 photo assembly guides. The following is published to supplement (and not replace) the drawings. If a discrepancy arises between these photo assembly guides and the Drawings, the Drawings always take precedence. These documents are presented in the Adobe Acrobat file format for online viewing and easy printing. The photos are presented in low-resolution for quicker downloads.

NOTICE: These documents contain copyrighted information and are NOT FOR DUPLICATION OR DISTRIBUTION.

Zenith CH 650 Construction

Documents CH650 Photo Assembly Guides Revision Last Update
Parts Catalog CH 650 B Illustrated Parts Catalog 1.0 3/2011
CS Construction Standards for Zenair Light Airplanes Draft 3/11

Zodiac XL Assembly Photo Guides Exceptions

Documents Description Revision Last Update
  See the Zodiac XL Assembly Photo Guides except for the following sections    
65-T3 Elevator Assembly 1.0 12/2/14
65-T-4 Rudder Skeleton 1.01 10/16/08
65-T-5 Rudder Skins 1.03 10/9/14
6-B-1 Fuselage Bottom / Horizontal Tail Frames 1.0 10/19/09
6-B-2 Rear Bottom Longerons / Rear Fuselage Members 1.0 10/19/09
6-B-3 Rear Side Skins / Rear Fuselage Members 1.0 10/19/09
6-B-4 Fuselage Assembly: Rear Fuselage Riveting 1.0 10/20/09
6-B-5 Fuselage Assembly: Rear Frame Assembly Gear Channel 1.0 11/02/09
6-B-6 / 6-B-7 / 6-B-8 Firewall Assembly 1.0 10/28/09
6-T-3 Elevator Assembly 1.0 12/2/14
6-K-1 Fuel Sender Unit Installation 1.0 12/20/11
Panel Sample Instrument Panel Layouts (template)   10/2010

CH650 Canopy System

Documents Description Revision Last Update
Section 1 Section 1 – Canopy Latch Revision 1 12/18/13
Section 2 Section 2 – Handle Revision 1 12/18/13
Section 3 Section 3 – Roll Bar Revision 1 12/18/13
Section 4 Section 4 – Canopy Frame Revision 1 12/18/13
Section 5 Section 5 – Bubble Canopy Revision 1 12/18/13
Section 6 Section 6 – Front Canopy Revision 1 12/18/13
Section 7 Section 7 – Rear Canopy Revision 1 12/18/13
Section 8 Section 7 – Side Cover Revision 1 12/18/13

UL Power UL35oi/UL35oiS Engine Installation

Documents Description Revision Last Update
Section 1 Section 1 – Engine Mount Installation Revision 1.0  
Section 2 Section 2 – Oil Cooler Installation Revision 1.01 6/11/12
Section 3 Section 3 – Baffling, Ignition, & Voltage Regulator Revision 1.0 6/6/12
Section 4 Section 4 – Fuel System, Revision 1.0 6/18/12
Section 5 Section 5 – ECU, EGT, OIL Pressure, OIL Temperature Revision 1.0 8/8/12
Section 6 Section 6 – Top & Bottom Cowl Revision 1.0 8/17/12
Section 7 Section 7 – Battery & Air Oil Separator Installation Revision 1.0 10/5//12

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