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Following are the latest STOL CH 601 photo assembly guides. The following is published to supplement (and not replace) the drawings. If a discrepancy arises between these photo assembly guides and the Drawings, the Drawings always take precedence. These documents are presented in the Adobe Acrobat file format for online viewing and easy printing. The photos are presented in low-resolution for quicker downloads.

NOTICE: These documents contain copyrighted information and are NOT FOR DUPLICATION OR DISTRIBUTION.

Check the NewPlane.com website for ongoing airworthiness notices and service letters
Documents Description Revision Last Update
Inspection of the Main Gear Spring Attachment Points 5/2018
Fuel System Inspection 1/2018
Horizontal Stabilizer – Inspection Mandatory 1/2017
Corrosion Wing strut and general corrosion inspection lubrication and general aircraft maintenance 1/2016
Link Sensenich Prop Service Bulletin 2014-02-04. Discontinue use of Jabiru composite propeller blades on UL Power Engines 2/4/14 2014-02-04
Link Whirlwind Prop Service Letter SL-GA-J2B-012714 BLADE CLAMP BOLT CRACK: All WhirlWind GA-J2B propellers with hubs in the Serial Number range 1000 to 1107 installed on UL Power engines 1/27/14
Link Rudder Pedals Safety Alert: Check rudder pedals for the correct material thickness (serial numbers 65-8563 to 65-8950) 9/26/13
Web Link The FAA has re-evaluated the CH601XL kit with the upgrade package (6-ZU) and determined that it meets the major portion requirements (51% rule). Note: When registering your aircraft with the FAA use the model name as it appears on the FAA listing of aircraft kits ("Zodiac CH 601 XL") and the drawings. Do not add the "B" to the name when registering it with the FAA as this will not match the FAA information on file. 1/20/11
Link November 7 2009: FAA Issues Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin: Zodiac CH 601 XL and CH 650
Document Rotax 912 Bed Mount Steel Bracket E1-1X: Check for cracks 6/2010
Document Andair Fuel Selector Service Alert 6/2010
Web Link Request your "B" model decals to display on upgraded Zodiac CH 601 XL and CH 650. More Info 6/2010
View Video Clip 2/2010
Video Clip Aero-TV video clip: Zenair's Mathieu Heintz discusses the Zodiac CH601XL upgrade package… (from the Sebring LSA show in 1/2010). 5/2010
6-ZU Zodiac CH 601 XL / CH650 Upgrade Package Drawings (revision 1/25/2010) 1/25/2010
Zodiac CH 601 XL / CH650 Upgrade Package Drawings
Documents Description Revision Last Update
revision 1/25/2010
6-ZU-1B Supplemental drawing for earlier Zodiac XL models with 4 noseribs inboard of the fuel tank 2/12/2010
6-ZU-1 Photo Assembly Guide: CH 601 XL / CH650 Upgrade Package: Section 6-ZU-1 Wing Spar & Rear Channel (Rev. 1.1) 2/16/2010
6-ZU-2 Photo Assembly Guide: CH 601 XL / CH650 Upgrade Package: Section 6-ZU-2 Center Spar Section 12/17/2009
6-ZU-3a Photo Assembly Guide: CH 601 XL / CH650 Upgrade Package: Section 6-ZU-3a Bellcrank Channel & Doublers 12/17/2009
6-ZU-3b Photo Assembly Guide: CH 601 XL / CH650 Upgrade Package: Section 6-ZU-3b Bellcrank Channel & Doublers (fuselage) 12/18/2009
6-ZU-4 Photo Assembly Guide: CH 601 XL / CH650 Upgrade Package: Section 6-ZU-4 Aileron Control Stops Servo L Angles 1/26/2010
doc369 Zodiac CH 650 Structural Test to ASTM-SLSA
ch-letter-7-09 Letter from Chris Heintz: Recommendations for inspections and operating limitations 7/2009
pdf download Flutter analysis report: 27 pages 6/2009
newsletter172 Chris Heintz update excerpted from the Zenair Newsletter Issue #172 (May-June 2009 issue) 6/2009
ZE-2008-01 Zenair Europe issues a safety alert / service bulletin to Zodiac pilots and owners in response to the preliminary findings of an investigation into the fatal accident involving a Czech Aircraft Works Zodiac CH 601XL in the Netherlands. Note that this bulletin does not provide new information regarding the aircraft; it requests verification of what should already be in place namely proper tension of the control cables.
Link Photo guide: How to check the control cable tension of your Zodiac
newsletter Excerpts from the Zenair Newsletter Issue #165
Link 601 Paper By William Wynne 6/1/2008
xl-parts-cat Zodiac XL Illustrated Parts Catalog. This new draft Parts Catalog makes it easy to identify parts of the Zodiac XL airframe (and to use with the new online parts ordering system).
CH650 Parts Catalog 4/2007
601XL nose wheel fork ZODIAC XL Nosewheel Fork Doubler 12/17/2004
Other Information
Documents Description
Link CH650 Canopy Latch
Service Manual Zodiac XL – S-LSA (factory-built with Continental O-200) Service (Maintenance) Manual
SLSA POH Zodiac XL – S-LSA (factory-built with Continental O-200) Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)
newplane.com Additional resources for owners and operators of the Zodiac S-LSA (factory-built with Continental O-200).
Flight-test Flight-test Zodiac XL – S-LSA (factory-built with Continental O-200) Flight Test Worksheet 7 pages
ground-test Zodiac XL – S-LSA (factory-built with Continental O-200) Ground Test Checklist 5 pages
Pre-delivery Zodiac XL – S-LSA (factory-built with Continental O-200) Pre-Delivery Checklist 4 pages
VCI-373 Cortec 373 Corrosion Protection brochure
Link Material Safety Data Sheet – 10/2003
pneu-riveter Using the pneumatic rivet puller – 12/18/01
w&b Weight & Balance Worksheet (2 pages) – 1/11
601xl-poh Sample Pilot Operating Handbook for the ZODIAC XL (older manual from Europe) – 10/03
Link Nosewheel Bungee Installation Tool. This tool allows you to install or replace nose gear bungee easily in minutes.
LP Aero Plastics online documentation on handling drilling trimming and cleaning acrylic canopy.


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