Building the STOL CH750
The STOL CH 750 kit includes many great features and is much easier and quicker to build. The kit includes many CNC pre-cut and pre-drilled skins and components, and also includes CAD Drawings and Photo Assembly Manuals. The modern STOL CH 750 kit has been developed to provide the builder with everything needed to complete the airframe – with only basic tools and skills. The STOL CH 750 airframe requires less than 400 hours to build from the complete factory-supplied kit.

Approval from the FAA

On May 11-12, 2010, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) performed an onsite evaluation of the STOL CH 750 kit to determine that the STOL CH 750 kit, as produced by Zenith, meets the intent of the “51% rule” and to allow an amateur-builder to register the plane as an “amateur-built – Experimental” aircraft (meeting the “major portion” requirement of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations part 21, Certification Procedures for Products and Parts, 21.191(g).


The FAA made its official determination that the STOL CH 750 kit will “allow an amateur builder to meet the major portion requirement” and that the STOL CH 750 kit will be added to the official “Revised Listing of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits. Importantly, builders can use the FAA checklist to help them determine exactly how much commercial / professional builder assistance may be used without violating the “major portion” requirement. Approval Letter from the FAA.

Quality Instructions
The STOL CH 750 is one of the few kits on the market that doesn’t just come with assembly instructions. The kit includes detailed blueprints of every part of the airframe, as well as a detailed assembly manual. In fact, the STOL CH 750 can be ‘scratch-built’ from the Drawings and Manuals, although this requires additional skills, time and tools.

Drawings and Manuals
Supplied with the complete STOL CH 750 kit, the drawings are not just assembly instructions (as with most kits), but are detailed 11″ x 17″ CAD blueprints of the entire airframe assembly and individual parts, and come with an assembly manual. The STOL CH 701 Drawings & Manuals package includes a CD-ROM with high-resolution Photo Assembly Guides for the step-by-step assembly of the STOL CH 750 kit.

Supplied with a serial number, you can actually build your own aircraft from “scratch” following the Drawings and Manuals. Scratch-builders can purchase any individual parts or components directly from Zenith Aircraft Company. If purchased separately, the cost of the drawings and manuals is deductible off the cost of the full kit.

Following are some selected sample CAD drawings from the STOL CH 701 drawings. These are sample drawings only and are for informational and educational purposes only.

Description Link Description Link
Forward Fuselage 7-F-00 Rear Fuselage – Exploded 7-F-0
Forward Fuselage – Details 7-F-12 Rear Fuselage 7-F-06
Forward Fuselage – Floor 7-F-10 Windshield and Doors 7-F-19
Horizontal Tail Sections 7-H-0 Landing Gear 7-L-0
Leading Edge Wing Slats 7-S-0 Wing Assembly Overview 7-V-0
Wing Ribs (scratch build) 7-V-01 Wing Skeleton Assembly 7-V-06
Wing Struts 7-V-10 Wing Fuel Tanks 7-V-11
Navigation/Strobe Lights 7-V-12 Controls Assembly 7-C-0
Schematic Views CH701

Sample Assembly Guide Link
Rudder Tail Assembly: Skeleton Assembly: 1 of 2 Rudder
Horizontal Tail Assembly: Stabilizer: 1 of 2 Tail 1
Horizontal Tail Assembly: Stabilizer: 2 of 2 Tail 2
Horizontal Tail Assembly: Elevator: 1 of 2 Tail 3
Horizontal Tail Assembly: Elevator: 2 of 2 Tail 4
Wing Assembly 1 – Internal Structure Wing 1
Wing Assembly 2 – Internal Structure Wing 2

Additional Resources

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