Zenith pilots made us proud at Swamp STOL competition

Zenith pilots made us proud at Swamp STOL competition
We congratulate the Zenith pilots who competed at National STOL’s “Swamp STOL” event on Saturday in Jennings, Louisiana. Two Zenith pilots competed at the event for the first time, flying in with their “low and slow” Zeniths from out of state, knowing that they would not win the highly competitive event but competing as recreational pilots to learn and perfect their bush flying skills, and to enjoy flying their high-wing Zenith airplanes (the way that they were meant to be flown)!
“This little airplane is so awesome!” said Chris Jamison (above), who flew in his Zenith STOL CH 701 from Mississippi to compete for the first time: “She got me 2nd in the Rookie Class. Total of 236 feet [combined take-off and landing distance]. Just a great time here with all the pilots and meeting new friends!”
Scott Hooker, a new Zenith owner, attended the event and posted the following on Facebook’s Zenith Aircraft Flyer page: “There were a lot of really cool planes there. I know I am biased but I was amazed at how well Chris Jamison did in his Zenith STOL CH 701. I’m guessing the CarbonCubs are roughly $300k, but one lost to Chris and one won 229-feet (total) vs Chris’s 233-feet. Roughly 2% better performance but you have to pay about 800-1000% more. It even gets better though: The 701 does it with 100-hp Rotax 912ULS running on auto fuel at maybe 4 gallons an hour. Chris didn’t even use [wing leading edge] slats. I don’t think these guys have 8 to 10 times more fun (in their CarbonCubs) than Chris! He and John Humberd are the reasons I just bought a used one. Can’t be any happier with my purchase.”
Justin Tisdale, who recently completed building his own Zenith STOL CH 750 from a kit, flew in from Arkansas to compete at Swamp STOL for the first time (photo below): “I love the aviation community, especially the Swamp STOL and National STOL series family.”
“No one knows how hard the last 4 months has been for me. A lot of late nights building, early morning practices and moments the towel almost got thrown in,” said Justin Tisdale, a wounded veteran. “What you don’t see is this: every person has a similar story while chasing a dream. We all at one time were sitting on the sidelines watching, dreaming and imagining what it was like.”
“I’m not the best (shoot, I actually expect to disqualify on landings), but here’s the thing: I’m here! I’m working toward that podium and dream! I’m sure laughter and comments will be made. Shoot I’ll laugh with you! But even if I crack last place, at least it’s not me dreaming from the sidelines. Stop worrying about what others will think, just get out there and fly, chase your dreams. You’d be surprised where you end up. I’m coming for that most improved belt buckle at finals… but most of all, I’m capturing MY dream. Remember it’s about being safe and becoming a better pilot!”
“Aviate on y’all!
“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll end up playing among the stars!”


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