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Drawing Updates for the CH750 Cruzer

Current Drawings Edition
1st edition
(dated 2/4/2016)

List of Updates (Summary of Drawing Revisions, dated March 1, 2016, from initial drawings dated Dec 10, 2014)

NEW: Updated Drawings (Feb. 4, 2016): 18 pages. (These are selected pages with major changes, to make it easier to update your drawings)

Contact Zenith Aircraft to order new updated Drawings (same serial number as your current drawings): $75.00

Options Drawings Package:

The CH 750 Cruzer Options Drawings Package includes all kit options currently offered: 17 pages 11″ x 17″ (August 19, 2015)

Options Included: Center Console, Dual Brakes, Dual Control Sticks, Folding Wings, Map Box, Sliding Seat, Engine Mounts for Rotax, Jabiru, O-235

Click Here to order the Options Drawings Package (available only to registered builders)

Note: The individual drawings are included with the option kits when you purchase the option kit. Individual option drawings may also be purchased: $25 per option page.

Note: The drawings updates and option drawings are available only to registered owners (with a valid serial number supplied on the original drawings set).

NOTICE: These documents contain copyrighted information and are NOT FOR DUPLICATION OR DISTRIBUTION.