Starter Kit

Introductory Starter Kit For The First-Time Builder

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own airplane, but aren’t sure that you have the required skills, Zenith Aircraft’s exclusive Rudder Starter Kit is for you. The Starter Kit includes the complete kit for the rudder tail section for the STOL CH 701 or STOL CH 750 and comes with a detailed and illustrated step-by-step assembly manual – everything you need to get started!

Developed specifically for the first-time builder, the starter kit costs just $375.00, and includes everything you need to start building your own STOL CH 701 or 750 kit aircraft, including:

  • Complete Rudder Tail Kit
    • Pre-Formed Ribs, Spar, etc.
    • Rivets & Hardware Needed To Assemble The Rudder.
  • Detailed Rudder Assembly Manual
    • Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions
    • Photo Illustrations
    • Required Tools, And How To Use Them
    • Building Tips And Hints
    • Section On Understanding Blue-Prints
    • Detailed Drawings Of The Rudder Parts & Assembly
  • Sample Assembly Manual Introduction (Adobe Acrobat pdf document: 340 kb)
  • Sample Assembly Manual 1: Rudder Skeleton (Adobe Acrobat 6.0 pdf document: 910 kb)
  • Sample Assembly Drawing (Adobe Acrobat pdf document: 374 kb)


Building your own kit aircraft is probably on of the most challenging and rewarding things you’ll ever accomplish: imagine, you’ll be flying an aircraft that you’ve built yourself! Few people get the freedom and thrills of flying… even fewer are also rewarded by flying in an airplane that they’ve built themselves. Zenith Aircraft Company can help you realize your dream of building and flying your very own airplane like no other kit manufacturer can.

Assembling the rudder Starter Kit is just a weekend project, and will provide you with an excellent ‘hands-on’ introduction to building your own aircraft. Once you’ve completed the rudder kit, you’ll have the skills and tools to continue with the rest of the STOL CH 701/750 kit – and you’ll also have part of your aircraft completed. We’ll even deduct the cost of the rudder kit off the price of the complete kit when you’re ready to continue.

Assembling the STOL CH 701/750 kit is simple – even for the novice builder. Working from the pre-formed parts supplied by the factory, you simply line up the parts, drill and rivet the parts together. Since this is an all-metal aircraft, there’s no messy doping, gluing or bonding involved.

Metalworking 101 with rudder workshop DVD

Metalworking 101 with rudder workshop is targeted to the novice kit builder. The DVD takes you through the actual construction of a STOL CH 701 rudder kit, from start to finish.  While it’s a great supplement to the construction manuals supplied with the rudder kit, it is actually intended to demonstrate to the beginning builder just what tasks and skills are required to build your own STOL CH 701.

In addition to the rudder building demonstration,  general metal building procedures are also explained and demonstrated.  Watching the demonstrations and discussions of these topics in this video are clearly the next best thing to attending the actual factory workshop for obtaining this knowledge.

The DVD is over two hours long and provides an excellent introduction to getting started on your STOL CH 701 or 750.  It’s even produced by an actual 701 builder and pilot!

  • Click here for full details and to order your copy.

You’ll need the following to assemble the Rudder Starter Kit: