Design - STOL CH 701
Design - STOL CH 701
Design - STOL CH 701
Design - STOL CH 701
Design - STOL CH 701
Design - STOL CH 701
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The CH650 Wings Design

The Zenith CH 650 (and the earlier ZODIAC XL model) feature an efficient wing design for increased capability. The wing design features a new airfoil and a larger wing area than the ZODIAC CH 601 HDS model, which allows the new Zodiac design to achieve higher speeds with a higher payload. With the addition of wing flaps, the stall speed has been kept low for recreational sport pilots.


– The profile of the ZODIAC wing is 15% thick (Riblett GA 35-A-415 airfoil).
– Plan Form: The wing is slightly tapered with a straight spar and leading edge
– Ailerons and flaps on the trailing edge.
– Wing dihedral is standard, starting at the fuselage.

Hoerner wing tips have become a trademark of Heintz designs. The tapered tips maximize the effective lift area of the wing while minimizing the wing span.
The wingtip is fitted with a fiberglass fairing to accommodate a wingtip strobe and/or navigation light.

The Zenith CH650B Wingtip
While the wing design is new, the simple construction techniques that have made the ZODIAC famous have remained the same.

The wings bolt to the ZODIAC fuselage section, and can be readily removed for trailering or storing the aircraft. Six bolts in the wing spar bolt to the fuselage center section, and one bolt fastens the rear spar channel to the fuselage.
With the wings removed the aircraft is less than 8 feet wide for easy trailering or storage of the aircraft. The widest points are the horizontal tail (7 ft. 10 inches; 2.39 m.) and the main gear (7 ft. 8 inches; 2.34 m.). The tail sections can also easily be removed from the fuselage, if required.


Located inside the wing (behind the spar), the optional Wing Baggage Locker increases “carry-on luggage” space with dual wing baggage lockers. Each locker measures approx. 19″ (48 cm.) x 16″ (40.5 cm.) x 9″ (23 cm.) tall.


Wing Specifications:

The large ailerons provide precise and light roll control. The standard ailerons are attached to the wing with a unique “hingeless” system, flexing the aileron skin which is riveted to the top of the wing trailing edge. Alternatively, a conventional “piano hinge” can be used.


The CH650B has been configured to take full advantage of its increased useful load. The fuel is located in dual welded-aluminum wing tanks. The standard dual wing tanks offer a fuel capacity of 24 US gallons. Long Range fuel tanks are optionally available, which increase the total capacity to 30 US gallons (2 x 15 gallons) to provide superior range and endurance.

Illustrated Parts Catalog

Wing Skeleton (right side)
Wing Skins (right side)
Ailerons & Flaps
Wing Fuel Tank
Fuel System / Fuel Lines
View a detailed schematic of the entire wing assembly (pdf document)
View a detailed schematic of the control system (pdf document)