The classic (and very common) Continental 0-200 engine is an excellent low-cost alternative for the Zodiac CH 601/CH650 series as well as for the STOL CH 750 and CRUZER, and Zenair offers a comprehensive FWF package for this readily-available 100 HP aircraft engine. Our affordable FWF package, together with a refurbished or overhauled second-hand engine makes for a very economical firewall-forward solution! This is virtually the same FWF package which was supplied by Zenair for the S-LSA and E-LSA versions of these aircraft. Package includes engine cowling, engine mount with rubber mounts and other items including:

  • stainless steel exhaust pipes
  • throttle and mixture controls
  • pre-cut baffles
  • Oil filter adapter
  • all essential hardware
  • and more…
P/N: O-200-FWF/650…………………………..Price: $5,450.00 US**
P/N: O-200-FWF/750…………………………..Price: $5,520.00 US**

Click here for a complete list of all items typically included in Zenair’s O-200 FWF Pkg**.  Note: See below for available components and sub-kits sold separately. Smaller items not sold individually. 

A note about oil coolers: Oil coolers (radiators) come in different shapes and sizes depending on how much oil cooling is required. This depends on where/when you fly – some builders don’t need one at all. For this reason, and so that builders can install the size they need, an Oil Cooler is not included as part of our standard FWF package for the O-200.

For owners of a Continental FWF package, plans, installation manuals & photo-guides are available HERE.

*A note about propellers: Most customers looking for an inexpensive fixed-pitch propeller will find good second-hand props that are well-adapted for the Continental O-200 engine. For builders wanting a NEW prop, you will achieve better performances with a ground-adjustable propeller which can be fined tuned for specific flight characteristics.  Warpdrive makes good basic propellers; for a higher-end ground-adjustable prop, see here for a possible WhirlWind alternative.