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STOL CH 750 STOL Additional Information
Check the website for ongoing airworthiness notices and service letters
LinkDescriptionRevisionLast Update
Inspection of the Main Gear Spring Attachment Points  5/2018
Fuel System Inspection  1/2018
Horizontal Stabilizer – Inspection Mandatory  1/2017
Control System UpdateControl Torque Tube 75C2-5 Update: Added bolt to stiffen and strengthen the control torque tube 2/19/16
CorrosionWing strut and general corrosion inspection, lubrication and general aircraft maintenance 1/2016
Sensenich Prop Service Bulletin 2014-02-04Discontinue use of Jabiru composite propeller blades on UL Power Engines 2/4/14
Whirlwind Prop Service LetterSL-GA-J2B-012714BLADE CLAMP BOLT CRACK: All WhirlWind GA-J2B propellers with hubs in the Serial Number range 1000 to 1107 installed on UL Power engines 1/27/14
Rudder Pedals Safety AlertCheck rudder pedals for the correct material thickness (serial numbers 75-8563 to 75-8950) 9/26/13

STOL CH 750 Resources
LinkDescriptionRevisionLast Update
FAA NKETFAA letter determining STOL CH 750 kit allows amateur builder to register the plane as an “amateur-built – Experimental” aircraft (meeting the “major portion” requirement of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations part 21, Certification Procedures for Products and Parts, � 21.191(g). Letter dated May 20, 2010.  
STOL 750LS POHDRAFT STOL CH 750 Pilot Operating Handbook
Note: This is the POH used with the STOL 750LS S-LSA aircraft, with O-200 engine. The manual may not be applicable to amateur-built aircraft (with different engines).
March 20099/2010
STOL 750LS MAINTDRAFT STOL CH 750 Maintenance Manual
Note: This is the maintenance manual for the STOL 750LS S-LSA aircraft with O-200 engine. The manual may not be applicable to amateur-built aircraft (with different engines).
March 20099/2010
STOL CH 750 Parts CatalogSTOL CH 750 Parts Catalog (2nd Edition)2nd ed.9/2010
701-contstruct-manualSTOL Basic Construction Manual 18 pages – 4th edition4th ed.12/2003
CSConstruction Standards for Zenair Light AirplanesDraft1/07

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