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Following are the latest CH 601 notices and flying information. The following is published to supplement (and not replace) the drawings. If a discrepancy arises between these photo assembly guides and the Drawings, the Drawings always take precedence. These documents are presented in the Adobe Acrobat file format for online viewing and easy printing. The photos are presented in low-resolution for quicker downloads.

NOTICE: These documents contain copyrighted information and are NOT FOR DUPLICATION OR DISTRIBUTION.

Check the NewPlane.com website for ongoing airworthiness notices and service letters
Documents Description Revision Last Update
Inspection of the Main Gear Spring Attachment Points 5/2018
Fuel System Inspection 1/2018
Horizontal Stabilizer – Inspection Mandatory 1/2017
Corrosion Wing strut and general corrosion inspection, lubrication and general aircraft maintenance 1/2016
Link Rotax 912 Bed Mount Steel Bracket E1-1X: Check for cracks 6/2010
Link Andair Fuel Selector Service Alert 6/2010
5th-1st print 5th Edition Drawings: Summary of Revisions from 06/02 to 09/03 incorporated in the 5th edition drawings 5th ed. 1st print 10/2003
601-hd-landing-gear ZODIAC CH 601 HD/HDS/UL main landing gear bottom plate thickness = 3/16 11/06
601-hinge-pin ZODIAC CH 601 series elevator hinge pin advisory 5/03
GSC-prop-TBO GSC Systems Propeller TBO and Operating Instructions (3-blade ground-adjustable wood prop). 7/1/200
6E2-1 ZODIAC Canopy Latch Hooks 5/2002 5/2002
Link Splice Plate Replacement Instructions (1 page 81 kb) 1/2001
Link Splice Plate Replacement Update (from Newsletter #123 79 kb) 1/2001
Other Documents and Drawings
Documents Description Revision Last Update
VCI-373 Cortec 373 Corrosion Protection brochure
Material Safety Data Sheet 10/2003
pneu-riveter Using the pneumatic rivet puller 12/18/0
UL-OpMan ZODIAC CH 601 UL Operating / Owners Manual – SAMPLE – 29 pages 1992 12/6/00
ZODIAC Paint ZODIAC Paint Scheme Worksheets – 3 pages 6/98 6/9/98
HDS-side Side Views of the 601 HDS – line-art 9/98 9/98


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