Purchasing a Kit

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Purchase Options

Zenith kits are designed to be purchased as a complete kit, as component kits, or as a quick build kit. The complete kit is the least expensive total option, however, by purchasing component kits, the cost can be spread over several months or years. The quick build kit could shorten the construction time by over 100 hours, and will still meet the 51% requirement.


Picking up from the factory

Rather than having the aircraft kit crated and shipped to you, you can choose to drive to the Zenith Aircraft factory to pick-up your kit (saving the crating and shipping charges), while also giving you the opportunity to visit the factory and go up for a demo flight in a factory demonstrator aircraft.

The complete kit, or section kits, may be picked-up at the Zenith Aircraft factory in Mexico, Missouri. A trailer or large van/truck is needed to pick up the complete kit, as a length of up to 14-feet is required to accommodate the wing spars and skins (depending on the aircraft model). The typical weight of the airframe kit is between 500 and 1,000 lbs., depending on the aircraft model. A one-way trailer/truck rental (such as a U-Haul) is often the easiest and most affordable way.


When you pick-up a kit, we do not package (crate) the kit parts so that you can easily and efficiently load the parts in your vehicle. As you are not charged for crating or packaging, please bring packing materials with you to properly load and secure the parts. We recommend you bring moving blankets and corrugated cardboard to protect the parts as you load them, as well as rope and cardboard packing material. If you use an open trailer, bring a large “tarp” to protect the kit from rain, road salt, etc. Depending on the size of the vehicle / trailer, you may need a roof rack to load longer parts, such as the wing spars.

To aid in determining whether your vehicle can accommodate a particular kit, we provide below the crated dimensions and weight of both the complete and component kits for each aircraft. Note that, as mentioned above, kits are not crated if you choose to pick them up at the factory. Thus, if an object of these dimensions will fit in your vehicle, the uncrated parts will definitely fit. They will also weigh somewhat less. If you are concerned the fit might be marginal, feel free to call us and we can discuss your specific needs. Uncrated parts can often be packed creatively.

Kit Dimensions (Inches) Weight (lbs)
701 Rudder 57x26x6 38
750 STOL Rudder 59x24x5 28
750 Cruzer Rudder 58x18x3 24
650 Rudder 62x26x4 28
701 Complete Kit 147x49x40 820
701 Airframe Kit 147x49x30 700
701 Finishing Kit 91x41x28 208
701 Tail Kit 99x25x16 140
701 Wings/Fuel Kit 147x38x28 345
701 Flaperons/Slats Kit 70x18x19 116
701 Fuselage Kit 97x49x30 375
750 STOL Complete Kit 162x49x38 877
750 STOL Airframe Kit 162x49x37 860
750 STOL Finishing Kit 97x49x28 422
750 STOL Tail Kit 108x26x20 188
750 STOL Wings/Fuel Kit 151x33x20 347
750 STOL Flaperons/Slats Kit 81x19x19 130
750 STOL Fuselage Kit 153x49x16 355
750 STOL Fuselage Kit 2nd Box 64x44x30 160
750 Cruzer Complete Kit 169x49x38 922
750 Cruzer Airframe Kit 162x49x32 818
750 Cruzer Finishing Kit 102x49x28 508
750 Cruzer Tail Kit 99x26x16 148
750 Cruzer Wings/Fuel Kit 151x36x20 377
750 Cruzer Fuselage Kit 153x49x16 355
750 Cruzer Fuselage Kit 2nd Box 64x44x30 160
650 Complete Kit 169x49x39 1120
650 Airframe Kit 151x49x27 681
650 Finishing Kit 75x43x28 318
650 Tail Kit 99x26x16 144
650 Wings/Fuel Kit 151x43x28 565
650 Fuselage Kit 127x49x23 415

Before making travel arrangements, confirm the pick-up date with Zenith Aircraft Co., as a pick-up appointment is required. Also, inform us ahead of time of the vehicle and packing materials you plan on bringing, so that we may give you any additional recommendations. Note: From our experience, a pick-up truck is not suitable for picking up a complete airframe kit. We recommend a trailer or large enclosed van/truck.

You will be responsible for loading and properly packing the kit parts in your vehicle, and assuring that your vehicle / trailer is suitable for hauling the kit parts. Zenith Aircraft staff will be available to lend you a hand in loading, but Zenith Aircraft Company is not responsible for parts that may be damaged or lost in loading, transit, or unloading of the kit parts.

Crating and Shipping

Most standard kits are crated and shipped by surface freight to our customers. Crating and shipping charges are not included in the kit prices. All kit prices are F.O.B. Factory. Unless otherwise specifically arranged with Zenith Aircraft Company, all shipments are sent freight collect.


When a crated kit order is sent to you, be prepared to take delivery of the kit. Complete kit orders are usually shipped in a single large crate. The crate is big and heavy: 12′ x 4′ x 3′ or more, and it can easily weigh more than 800 lbs. Make arrangements to be able to unload the crate off the truck and have covered space to place the crate until you unpack it.

Many customers take delivery of the crate at the local shipping terminal, and then make their own arrangements to have the crate delivered to their home (renting or borrowing a flatbed trailer, using a local mover, etc.)

International Customers: We have extensive experience shipping kits around the world. We can help make arrangements to have the kit delivered to your door (where available) or we can work with your broker or shipper of choice.