STOL CH 750-  Light Sport Utility Kit Airplane – Price Info

You’ve dreamed of owning and building your own aircraft: The STOL CH 750 Light Sport Utility kit aircraft is the answer to your dreams – offering you outstanding short take off and landing performance, great capabilities, versatility, and comfort, and, best of all, the STOL CH 750 is an affordable all-metal kit aircraft you can build yourself with basic skills and tools.

Zenith Aircraft Company is a leader in the kit aircraft manufacturing industry, bringing more than twenty years experience designing and building quality aircraft kits for both first-time builders and demanding sport pilots. With this invaluable experience, Zenith Aircraft provides builders with award-winning designs and kits, reducing your risks in purchasing a kit aircraft, and assuring the builder of ongoing and direct factory service and support.

Building your own aircraft is going to be one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings you’ll ever accomplish: imagine, you’ll be enjoying the thrills of flying an aircraft that you’ve built yourself! Few people get to experience the sensation and freedom of flying. Even fewer are also rewarded by flying an airplane that they’ve built themselves. The Sport Pilot-ready STOL CH 750 will help you realize your dreams like no other kit aircraft!

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Zenith Aircraft Company has made it easy for you to get in the pilot’s seat of your own STOL aircraft. Start building from:
Introductory Starter Kit
Component (section) Kits
Complete Kit
Drawings and Manuals (plans-only)
Firewall-Forward Engine Packages: We supply firewall-forward parts and accessories for the ULPower series, Continental O-200, Jabiru 3300 and Rotax 912 ULS engine series. Contact Zenith directly for details and price.

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STOL CH 750 Brochure -3 View, Specs and Performance  (4/2022)
STOL CH 750 Quick Order Form (4/2022)

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List of Kits Not Available Yet but contact Zenith Aircraft Company for more details on.

    • Control Cable Upgrade:
    • 4-Point Harness / Seat belt System:
    • Instrument Panel and Avionics: Dynon, Garmin and more… We now stock most items to help builders complete their own custom panel, including Dynon and Garmin systems, as well as the power distribution panel and Approach Systems “plug’n play” harnesses and hub. Details, Sample Panel Layouts
    • ZENAIRTM Floats, with Rigging: Add a new dimension to flying with all-metal floats developed specifically for the STOL CH 750. #1400 Zenair LSA Floats include rigging to the STOL CH 750. Retrofit.  Available straight floats or amphibious floats.  Available basic kit or pre-drilled kit, or factory assembled (ready to install).

Zenith Aircraft Co. offers a number of complete firewall-forward engine packages for the Zenith CH 750, including (but not necessarily limited to): Continental O-200UL PowerJabiru 3300Rotax 912 ULS / 914 / 912iS, and the Corvair auto conversion. Zenith also offers complete instrument panels, with EFIS and avionics, for the STOL CH 750. Rotax 912S Engine Installation Packages

Zenith Aircraft Co. plans on making available a number of complete firewall-forward engine packages for the CH 750, including (but not necessarily limited to): Continental O-200, UL Power, Jabiru 3300, Rotax 912S / 914, and the Corvair auto conversion.
Zenith also offers complete instrument panels, with EFIS and avionics, for the CH 750.