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The Super Duty Fuselage Design


FUSELAGE DESIGN: The STOL CH 750 Super Duty cabin is very similar to that of the STOL CH 750, with most modifications centered around accommodating the third rear seat. The cabin floor is lower in the rear seat area, and the control system is slightly changed to let it sit lower as well. However, the external dimensions are the same as the STOL CH 750. The box-like shape of the fuselage and cabin gives maximum usable interior space for occupants and makes building easy.


The top cabin frame is made of 4130 chromoly (chromium-molybdenum) TIG-welded steel tube. Like all welded components in Zenith kits, the welding is already done at the factory. The tube frame is designed so the pilot’s view has as few tubes running through it as possible. The lower cabin frame is an L-angle-and-sheet-metal assembly, which is then riveted and bolted to the top tube frame.

The rear fuselage design lends itself to very easy assembly, since each of the four flat sides can be built individually on a flat workbench and then simply “boxed” together to form the rear fuselage. The forward fuselage containing the cabin is built separately and then joined to the rear fuselage. The wings are attached to the fuselage via heavy duty bolts at the wing root and struts that attach to the landing gear mounting bracket. They are easily removable for transportation or storage.

More Info:
Drawings are of the CH701, (similiar to the Super Duty)

Schematic of the forward fuselage assembly
Schematic of the rear fuselage assembly
Click here for a schematic view of the entire fuselage assembly.
Click here for a schematic of the control system (pdf doc)