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The Super Duty Cabin Design

The STOL CH 750 Super Duty offers comfortable side-by-side seating in an ergonomically designed 42-inch wide cabin. The bubble doors, which come standard with the kit, are bowed outward to provide another 8 inches of shoulder room, bringing the effective cabin width up to 50 inches.

The doors are hinged at the top and swing up for easy entry and exit, and can be removed for summer flying. Some planes have doors with windows in them, but the Super Duty doors are almost entirely window, with just enough frame around them to attach to the rest of the plane. They offer outstanding side and downward visibility. The doors latch at the bottom center and bottom front, and the rearmost latch is lockable.

There are a few instrument panel sizes to choose from, ranging from none at all (the UnPanel) to full cabin width (the Cruzer panel). In between is the STOL width panel, which offers a significant amount of room for avionics, but does not stretch all the way across the cockpit, giving good visibility forward and down.

The unique center-mounted “V”-shaped control stick can easily be used from either side, and does not limit the pilot’s view of the instrument panel. Dual control sticks are an available option. Rudder pedals for both pilot and passenger are standard, and are directly linked to the the nose-wheel. The kit comes standard with pilot-side hydraulic toe brakes. The capacious baggage/rear seat area is located directly behind the front seats for easy access.

The front seats offer plenty of legroom, and a kit is available to make them adjustable. With this kit installed, it is quite possible to slide the seat far enough back that a 5’ 10’’ person cannot reach the rudder pedals at all. The rear seat is not adjustable, but legroom is adequate and an optional bubbled skylight gives more headroom for a rear seat passenger.

The standard tricycle gear configuration maximizes forward visibility when taxiing while also providing the added benefit of a level cabin while on the ground, facilitating getting in and out of the cabin and maximizing pilot and passenger comfort.

VISIBILITY: As all seasoned bush pilots will confirm, off-airport operations require an aircraft with superior visibility, to enable to pilot to see obstacles and choose suitable landing areas. The large wrap-around windows and above-cabin wings give unparalleled visibility. The tricycle gear configuration also allows excellent forward visibility while on the ground – crucial when operated in off-airport fields.

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