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The CH650 Fuselage Design
The fuselage is built in modular sections: the rear fuselage and the forward fuselage assemblies are first built separately, and then joined together.

The rear fuselage has a basic rectangular section with a rounded top. The bottom fuselage is flat, and aesthetically rounded at the front to join the sleek fiberglass engine cowl.

Zenith CH650 Rear Fuselage


The fuselage is built up in stages and requires no special assembly fixtures – it is simply built up on the flat workbench.

Building the rear fuselage:

The fuselage bottom

Right fuselage side attached

Fuselage assembly with sides

Tail sections attached…

The top rounded fuselage bulkheads are then positioned to the lower fuselage sides and the top fuselage skin is simply wrapped around the bulkheads:

The forward fuselage section (cabin area) is build separately, and then joined to the rear fuselage section.

Zenith CH650B Forward Fuselage

Forward-Fuselage / Cabin Assembly

Zenith CH650B Panel

Additional Information
Click here to view a detailed drawing of the fuselage assembly.

Illustrated Parts Catalog:
Rear Fuselage
Firewall Assembly
Cabin Floor & Sides
Fuselage Bulkheads
Rear Top Skins
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